High-Impact Training

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for creating successful organizations. That’s why—using four crucial skills as a foundation—we develop custom training programs based on the needs of our clients. We’ve outlined these critical skills, as well as examples of common subject areas our tailored teachings have focused on, below.

Leadership Training

Truth is, there are many types of leaders—each with styles that work best with different teams and environments. At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, we don’t just identify and implement the right leadership styles for your organization’s key personnel—we empower your leaders to embrace your structure, establish effective and collaborative working environments, and accept responsibility and accountability for your success.

We can help you build a true learning organization and establish a high-performance, high-commitment team culture. We know an effective leadership role involves more than delegating, coaching, motivating, and empowering. It involves an instinct and a passion that only the right guidance can inspire.

Common Areas of Focus:

  • Creating and maintaining a high-performance team environment
  • Building openness, trust, and respect among team members
  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships between various personality types
  • Leveraging intrapreneurship in your organization
  • Developing personal and professional resilience (“psychological body armor”)
  • Managing skills for new supervisors
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Innovation Training

Change is one of the few constants in today’s workplace. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create an inventive, pioneering environment that embraces innovation. We want all organizations to see change as opportunity and we want you to be so far ahead of change that you’re the one creating it.

At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, we teach tailored techniques that generate and maintain the momentum necessary for managing change. It all starts with our “harnessing, promoting, and diffusing” model. First, we empower you to harness the idea of innovation. Then, we help you promote it throughout your entire organization. Finally, we teach you how to diffuse innovation deep into your organization’s roots because the more your employees embrace innovation, the more successful you’ll be.

Common Areas of Focus:

  • Using creativity to not only find complex problems, but solve them as well
  • Developing constructive strategies for selling and implementing change
  • Building frameworks that challenge the status quo and promote risk and reward
  • Recognizing failure as an expected outcome and learning from it
  • Defining and fostering instincts of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Creating strategies for successfully moving an organization forward
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Communication Training

Effective teams require more than just people with skills—they require hard-working, reliable, respectful members who communicate with each other and accomplish goals by working together. In fact, communication is one of the most important factors driving innovation. 

We have the tools, resources, and knowledge to identify and improve any non-productive habits that members, departments, and teams in your organization might have. We also offer highly customized services such as one-on-one coaching sessions and hands-on retreats. As the workplace continues to become more demanding and diverse, effective and adaptable communication skills are going to become even more critical to achieving success.

Common Areas of Focus:

  • Creating open, transparent work environments and cultures
  • Fostering group problem solving and decision making
  • Learning skills for providing and accepting constructive feedback
  • Concisely delivering targeted messages to all types of audiences
  • Successfully engaging in difficult high-stakes conversations
  • Becoming an empathetic listener
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Business Skills Training

Time management. Critical thinking. Strategic planning. At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, we offer a variety of business skills training. We know an organization’s success depends on the abilities of its leaders. We believe innovation can’t occur until all the skills needed for effective analysis, collaboration, and thinking are learned.

Whether it’s using conscientious judgment to make a decision or being able to deliver clear and concise messages to audiences of all types, we can work with your leaders to make any skill set of theirs stronger. Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever and if your organization isn’t up to speed, it’ll affect more than your bottom line. It’ll affect your future.

Common Areas of Focus:

  • Generating and evaluating solutions against meaningful criteria
  • Leading and managing high-performing project teams
  • Empowering team members using vision, values, and goals
  • Effectively managing projects and priorities
  • Planning, structuring, and delivering successful presentations
  • Writing professionally, clearly, and persuasively
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