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Introduction to Google Web Toolkit


Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows Java developers to create Web 2.0-ready AJAX front ends. GWT compiles these Java artifacts into optimized JavaScript for all major browsers. This GWT training course provides a foundation in developing front-end modules with GWT widgets, panels, events and other mechanisms.


  • Understand the challenges of Ajax programming and how GWT addresses them.
  • Learn about GWT infrastructure, projects and code artifacts.
  • Learn to use GWT widgets, panels, images, events, listeners to build Ajax forms.
  • Learn to use GWT Utility and framework classes.
  • Learn to incorporate history and bookmarks in your front-ends.
  • Learn about GWT's RPC protocol and how to use it.


Experience in the following areas is required:
  • Fair knowledge of Java programming language
  • Basic understanding HTML, CSS, Javascript and their relationships
Experience in the following areas would be beneficial:
  • Some foundation in widget-based Form development using events
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP protocol


3 days

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