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Perl Programming (Online, Self-Paced)


This course teaches both the programming interface and the techniques that can be used to write scripts and applications in Perl. This course also covers advanced concepts and capabilities, including object-oriented features, file and network I/O, and database interfaces. Upon completion, students will be able to use Perl techniques and commands to write scripts to perform various user and administrative tasks, and to utilize advanced features of the language.

There is a shortage of Perl programmers with the skills and problem solving abilities necessary to develop and maintain the software applications and Web services that power our nation's businesses and government agencies. This represents a tremendous career opportunity for motivated individuals with the right skills and qualifications. This online Perl Programming course is an excellent step toward a rewarding career as a software developer. It is also a suitable course for experienced programmers who wish to learn Perl at their own pace.


  • Overview of Perl
  • Types of variables
  • Formatting a report with printf
  • Accessing records by key(s)
  • Operators
  • Perl variables, symbol tables, and scope
  • Subroutines (functions)
  • Using Perl Typeglobs
  • Input and Output
  • Filename manipulation
  • Hashes and complex hash structures
  • Regular expressions
  • Text and manipulation
  • Efficiency considerations
  • Using Perl References
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • References to functions
  • Closures
  • Object Oriented Perl Programming
  • Data Persistence Methods
  • Flat file databases
  • Concurrent access and lock mechanisms
  • Process control
  • Perl Modules and Packages

Class Format and Schedule

This is a self-paced, instructor-mentored course. Students access the course lessons through UMBC Training Centers' Web-based Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). A textbook will be mailed to the student shortly after successful class registration. Students complete lessons independently, working at their own pace. Students may email questions to the instructor and submit programming exercises to the instructor for review and feedback.

To complete the course, the student must complete and submit the required programming assignments within the Blackboard LMS. Students will have 90 days from the date of course registration to complete the course. It is recommended that students complete at least one Blackboard module (lesson) per week. Nothing prevents the student from working at a faster pace and completing in the course in a shorter amount of time.

System Requirements

A complete list of system requirements can be found here.


Students should have experience performing basic computer and file management tasks on a modern operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Students should have good problem solving and logical thinking skills. Prior computer programming experience is helpful but not required.


Price includes textbooks, instructor-based assistance and support, and access to the Online Course Materials for up to 90 days.

Due to the self-paced nature of this course and the student having access to the course content 24 hours a day for 90 days, students enrolled in this course are not eligible to audit a future session.
Course Outline
Session Dates Session Time Location Price Registration
Start Anytime Self-Paced Online $1495.00

Group Training Available

UMBC Training Centers can deliver any of our courses in a group training environment at our facilities or yours. Group training can be an effective and economical method to quickly assure competency and consistency of knowledge and skills within an organization or department.